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Veronika Payne is the designer and founder of Ora Ana, where each piece starts as just a thought, transforms into a sketch, then spec, and finally a wearable piece of jewelry. Veronika attributes her love of design to a fluke shopping trip in SoHo, where she spent hours creating & unraveling the backstories of the jewelry on display. Now, the pieces she creates lend themselves to celebrating the stories of her clientele.

Our Impact

At Ora Ana, exquisite craftsmanship and timeless style intertwine with responsible practices. We believe that demi-fine jewelry is not just about its inherent beauty, but also about the conscious choices made throughout its creation. Our pieces are carefully crafted with ethically sourced materials, ensuring a responsible supply chain that protects both the environment and the communities involved. By using recycled materials and tracing our sources, we uphold our promise of providing jewelry that is as sustainable as it is stunning.