Ora Ana Irl

Kirby W. in our Sparkler necklace.
Thelma A. in our Davina Necklace.
Gaudi Chocker and Ring
Need a Title
Victoria Marquez in our Statement hoops.
Kattya Heredia in our Emerald Brilliant Choker.
Lauren Amanda in our Statement Hoops
Bella Shepard in our Emerald Brilliant Choker
Jenny Meinen in our Pauline Necklace  & Atlas Hoops.
Ishini Weerasinghe in our Betty Hoops
Emily Ann in our Betty Hoops
Jarry Lee in our Pearl & Chain Choker.
Nicole Alyse in our Schmedium Hoops.
Ayssa Villareal in our Betty Hoops
Luisa Piou in our Brilliant Choker
Ayssa Villareal in our GoldMind Chain, The Davina & Angular Hoops.
The Pearl Chocker
Julissa Prado in our Sparkler Necklace
Luisa Piou in our Brilliant Choker.
Marisa Bryant in our Yellow Brilliant Choker